Gathering 4 SGB Premiership from the Adrian Flux Arena for the second time this season the Volvo Cars Poole Pirates turned the pressure back on their play-off spot rivals Rye House, as they consolidated their fourth place in the table. Another victory masterminded essentially by skipper Hans Andersen and the Flying Finn, reserve Timo Lahti, the meeting outcome went right to the wire as the Pirates were seeking a maximum haul of league points. A relieved Poole boss Matt Ford admitted “They made it nervy for me”
“Knowing the win was in the bag helped a bit but we really needed the full points and we couldn’t afford to slip up in heat 15. For Hans and Brady to hold on for that shared heat was a massive relief. We aren’t home and dry yet but if we can pick up a win at Somerset on Friday then that will be enough to put us into the play-offs for the 8th successive year”.
Victory against King’s Lynn had been assured in heat 14 when Timo Lahti delivered his fifth winning ride of the evening but he had to be at his total best to claim that triumph as Kai Huckenbeck was attacking throughout, but with Josh Auty snatching third place on the line from Edward Kennett it meant any heat advantage to the Stars in the final race would have denied Poole those maximum points.
Kennett had played his part superbly in the early stages of the meeting with two very impressive wins on an evening when all but Paul Starke had wins or paid wins for the Pirates.
With Jorgensen getting by Andersen and Michael Palm-Toft threatening from the back, Andersen and Kurtz held on for a 3-3 to make it mission accomplished, but just as the chequered flag fell on that crucial heat 15 so the rains came which prevented the second part of the double header – King’s Lynn v Rye House – from being staged and so the Pirates left Norfolk 8 points clear of Rye House who now need to win all three of their remaining matches to have any chance of pipping the Pirates.  With the fixture deadline date (Monday 4th September) looming a decision on a re-arrangement of their final away meeting is expected to be agreed on Friday.

Final Score: King’s Lynn 43 v Poole 50
King’s Lynn – 43: T. Jorgensen 12 (2,2,3,2,3), K. Huckenbeck 8 (2,3,1,2), M. Palm-Toft 8+1 (1′,1,0,6,0), R. Lambert 6+3 (1′,1′,1′,3), T. Jonasson 5 (2,2,R,1), J. Auty 4+1 (1,0,1,1,1′), S. Lambert 0 (0,0,0) Poole – 50: T. Lahti 17 (3,0,3,3,3,2,3), H. Andersen 9+1 (3,0,2′,2,2), B. Kurtz 8+2 (3,2,2′,0,1′), E. Kennett 6 (3,3,0,0), J. Holder 5 (0,2,3), J. Shanes 3+1 (2′,1,0), P. Starke 2+1 (0,1,1′)

The Pirates will be without Jack Holder and James Shanes for their final league meeting of the season on Friday (at Somerset). Holder has decided to take advantage of practice for the U21 World Team Cup whilst Shanes is competing in the next round of the world longtrack GP. Rider replacement will operate for Holder with George Wood deputising for Shanes. The Rebels will also operate rider replacement due to Cameron Heeps’ absence through injury and they will have Kevin Doolan standing in for the injured Jake Allen at reserve.