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The 1948 Poole Pirates

The 1948 Poole Pirates
The 1948 Poole Pirates : Cliff Brewer, Herby Hayden, George Butler, Alf Elliott, Fred Pawson, Sid Clark, Alan Chambers, Jack Crutcher,
Sid Hazzard, Bingley Cree, Ronald Bear, Joe Bowkis. Charlie Hayden – on Alan Chambers machine.

Charlie Hayden

Pirates very first team captain. A star of the local grasstrack scene prior to taking up speedway, Charlie was a member of the 1947 Exeter team before being transferred to Poole at the start of 1948. A member of the 1951 championship winning side, Charlie stayed with the club for four seasons, before requesting a move away at the beginning of 1952. Was officially inducted into the Poole Hall of Fame in 1998.